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About Me

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1962, and have now lived in Scotland since 2000.

Aerocraft Models was started in March 2018 as a small part time business for myself with just a handful of products. The product range is continually growing and the products available now is well over 150 items. This is very much a one man operation, from design either by hand or via 3D drawing and printing, to production that being casting and printing of all resin parts and to the packaging and shipping of your order. I do subcontract out the occasional design work either 3D CAD or decal artwork, all of the brass casting and decal printing is out sourced.

Having built my first Airfix model at the age of 6 I have been involved with model making all of my life one way or another. I previously founded A2Zee Models with the main brand then being Alley Cat, where I and my friend developed a huge amount of specialized resin kits and sets that were ground breaking for the early 2000's. During that time I taught myself how to do resin casting and more especially clear resin casting. Clear resin casting is notoriously difficult to do and there are very few people or companies that do it world wide so to be honest I am very proud of what I achieve with my humble equipment and workshop. In 2020 I started learning to design in 3D CAD and started on an incredible journey on learning that new skill along with learning the 3D printing process. This has started to enable me to produce products that I only ever dreamt of before, and that would be impossible to cast in traditional resin casting methods.

I have many great ideas for the future the biggest issue in getting projects done is one TIME and a cheeky second keeping my MOJO going.

Alistair (Ali) McLean