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Scale Model World at Telford 2023 and future plans

Scale Model World at Telford 2023 and future plans

Just a short note here, to say and make my customers aware that I have taken the decision NOT to attend the show.

I took the decision a few weeks ago and notified the organisers. It was a difficult decision to make but in many ways I am glad that I did. The stress of keeping the orders rolling and trying to develop and release new sets in conjunction of trying to prepare for the show, all single handed was placing me under extreme pressure and stress, something that I am trying to avoid. 

I am hoping now that this is clearing the way for me to bring out some of the long promised projects that I keep putting off and letting many of you down on. Not all may happen that fast , but I am certainly trying to work through them as best as I can. Added to this there are some fantastic new unannounced projects that are being worked on.

Here are the some of the projects that have been long promised, that I am still hoping to finish off as soon as I am able to.

1/24 scale Hellcat conversion for the Airix kit, to back date it to the -3, this will happen as I have had decal sheets printed and laying waiting for 2 years…… how bad is that.

1/32 scale engine and canopy upgrades for the Revell Beaufighter

1/32 A-7 Corsair stuff even though Reskit have announced and already are being out bits and pieces, I hope to still produce a few sets.

Added to this still hope to add more parts to sets for 1/32 Phantoms and BAC Lightnings.

There are many more sets and ideas that are in the background across scales so there will be new items across the main aircraft scales but there could be some surprises even down to 1/144 scale . 

As many you would have seen from some of the new products Chad Summers (Flying S Models) is supporting and helping me to develop brand new products. (thanks Chad) I have already launched some of his products and although some are quite unique and more esoteric, they are being well received, and we are only pleased enough to bring more unusual sets to the modellers.

However Chad and I are working on a couple of brand new full kit ideas, the one is fairly well progressed, and this will be made announced in the next month or so. Once again we have ideas across the scales, and some projects may appear in more than on scale.

Well that is enough for now, please keep following my blog and the new releases.

cheers Ali