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September 2023 update

September 2023 update

Well after a very busy couple of months since getting the website up and running and the release of the CH-54 undercarriage set for the 1/35 ICM kit, the A-20 nose strut for the 1/32 HKM kit and the undercarriage for the Spitfire by Kotare, all of which are proving very popular, there are few more new releases.

There are three canopy sets all in 1/32 for the Mirage 2000 C for the Kitty Hawk kit, A-10A for the Trumpeter kit and F-15 for the Revell kit.

Some super detailed Blackburn Buccaneer seats in 1/72 and 1/48. These seats are 3D printed and have been drawn and designed by Chad Summers. 

More exciting news and releases are in the works between Chad and my self, keep a look out for these in the coming weeks and months.


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Looks like you are doing some really nice details parts and here is a new idea, well may be new...

What about F/A-18D Hornet landing gears in brass stuff... 1/32 scalp.

I have the one from SAC in white metal but they are too soft to keep up on this big Hornet model, Academy .

Thank's for your attention and hopefully those coming on the market sooner or later



Excited that your doing upgrade papers for the 1/48 Revell Scorpion but do you have any plans to do the Pods especially the H series in 1/72 scale? There are lots of Revell anf Hobbycraft F-89’s in 1/72 scale around and are more common than the 1/48 Revell kit even though it’s been rereleased. The rerelease is a “C” version I believe in 1/48 but Hobbycraft did do an ‘H” version and Revell’ 1/72 can be converted from the ‘D’ model. Anyway I like where your going with things keep up the new release 👍👍

Hi Ali,

If you could include a simple list of new products for the month on the blog, that would be a quick way of seeing them.


Apologies for not responding sooner guys, but here are some replies to your comments and or requests.

Raphael: I have been looking to do the u/c for the F-18's for a while, they just have not happened as yet. I was considering the three kits Revell, Academy and Trumpeter, however I think I may just do for the Academy and Trumpeter kits, we shall see.

Dale: Thank you for the comments, I will be investigating the 1/72 option for the pods soon.

Nigel: I do hope to develop the BLOG as I go along, however you do have a good idea so thank you for that. Also note though I am displaying any and the latest products on the front of the website, but having them in two places will not harm.